E-commerce & E-marekting

The difference between E-commerce and E-marketing is very simple as it operationally falls in slightly different categories. It’s better to start off in understanding both the terms from a business perspective and how both are operational in the real world.

E-commerce, as the definition goes, is simply the buying and selling of goods and services online. Hence it exists in a number of different forms when you do trade online. You can set up a website that offers a wide variety of products which you wish to sell. If you are involved in making a sale online whether it’s having your own website with a domain or even when you try to sell your product via social networking sites like Facebook Shop it can be considered as E-commerce. There many websites you come across the moment you search for a product online selling products with or without a payment gateway to accept revenue for the products via online banking platforms. All done is ordering your product and make the payment as per the customer choices and the methods offered by the site and you get the product delivered to your doorstep. That is a complete E-commerce platform all aimed to enable the customers to have their products even without going to the stores.


Now interestingly whatever products have to sell online has to be marketed and targeted to the right customers in order to have a purchase. It is useless to have a website with all the products neatly displayed without even strategizing plans to make them available to the online prospects and ultimately convert them to leads. And moreover, it’s not any internet user to whom the products have to be showcased but to the right people who require the products or desire to make a purchase. This is where E-marketing comes into place. This extra effort is where E-marketing helps the business to assure that the products are displayed to the right audience and a desire to purchase is born.

E-marketing, Internet marketing or digital marketing is the heart of E-business and getting closer to customers and understanding them better, adding value to product and widening distribution channels via search marketing, Social Media, and affiliate marketing are all a part of strategies to see to it that the products sold via E-commerce are reaching the targeted audience to close them as perfect leads and then convert them into customers.

Hence you can see that E-commerce and E-marketing will always go hand in hand because it’s ultimately marketing that is needed to make a sale. E-marketing is a very integral part of E-commerce or E-business.

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