Which one is the best Social Media Platform?


One of the foremost dilemmas today is to figure out the best social media platforms which suit your business. You need to identify which one is apt for your line of business and which will work out well to promote and market your services and products well. It’s really a hard work to actually build your brand online via social media and to turn it into a good community following for your brand and services. The following are some of the popular social media networks which have proven to work well for many brands and companies and it depends on the business to choose which one best suits them.


Twitter : Twitter has its own limitations as the content which can be delivered to the audience is restrained to 140 characters which will change this month. Twitter posting policies will still retain the 140 character limitations but the welcome change is that it will not count media files likes images and videos onto this limitations. So now you get the full 140 characters at your disposal to convey your message. Yet 140 characters though is still a constraint as your messages may have to be restricted, twitter has its own positives as followers can be instantly be built by doing a lot of hash-tagging.

Instagram : The best platform for advertising and media personalities as well as products updates as its all about snapping and posting pictures. This platform is so popular as it is so easy to use. Snap and post that’s all. Instagram is used at work more than any other platform with a mind-boggling 85% on it.

Google+ : This is one platform which has become difficult to access its utility and impact on active social media marketing. There is very less priority to make it a valuable option for social media marketing, yet a couple of postings can do some good to maintain your presence.

Pinterest : Social media marketing can be either of content creation or content curation. Well, I would like to categorize Pinterest to be one of the best content curating sites which is successful in creating a valuable audience through it. It’s all about curating content from other sources into a good logical page that will inspire and entertain your audience by pinning items to drive web traffic.

Facebook : You just can’t ignore Facebook today as it’s the biggest social networking site on planet Earth and its user base keep on growing. But the problem with Facebook is that it takes a lot of effort to build an audience. You really need a conversational brand or existence on Facebook to be successful in your campaign. To get your content onto a timeline you need to spend a lot on quality, promotion and both.

LinkedIn : LinkedIn is the best professional social network available to you and has surely evolved a lot from just a site where you can seek jobs to a more sharing platform of good professional contents. It has changed a lot with its new emphasis on publishing. You can use it as an active blogging forum and use the potential reach of the LinkedIn network. It has been taken over by Microsoft this year.

These are some of the social networking sites which you can help grow your audience base and amplify your content online. Each one best suits for a specific line of business or all can be used with specific content strategies for your business.

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