Importance of building an organically strong website.

Organic SEO

First of all it’s very important to understand what organic search is all about. Organic search results are the various listings of the websites or web pages that are returned by the search engine’s algorithms which closely match the search strings of the keywords searched by the visitors on search engines. It’s the specific keywords or key phrases used by anyone who queries for information on the internet. Hence for any marketer, the very primary goal is to see to it that his website or clients websites are topped in the first pages of search engines to make it the first choice for the internet users.

This is where SEO plays a very prominent role in ranking the websites and web pages higher in search engines. It’s less likely that a user would click on the paid advertising entries on google search results as more and more people would opt to visit the sites which are displayed organically. Organically ranked websites go thru a highly competitive screening of Google algorithms and as Google has started becoming very specific on the type of sites to be ranked higher the credibility of the deliverance of quality information and as to what the audience requires is assured. Some of the many advantages of organic search can be as

Credibility & Trust: High search rankings comes a very strong perception that the website is credible for the searchers and the contents are of good quality and authority. Hence such websites garner an industry authority and leadership. This in effect translates to more trust and the very greater likelihood to click through to the site.

Contents which are Evergreen: The web pages which has contents which are unique and every green will always rank high on SERP’s and also be maintain high rankings long after the contents are created.

High Rankings: Once you have been successful in getting high rankings it’s easier to maintain them as you get authority status and build the trust of the users and all of the search engines especially Google.

Inbound marketing: All organic search strategy requires that marketers develop contents which are genuine and organic to achieve better rankings. It is content which is first seen by the users and customers interact with content as they move down the purchase funnel.

All said and done an Organic search does have its own set of downfalls and disadvantages being two very specifics things as

Available resources: You need to have a dedicated staff or resources for the same as to get high rankings it is very much required to create content by implementing correct SEO tactic to achieve the same. This can be very difficult and time-consuming.

Time-consuming: It may take months or even years to rank some of the keywords or phrases for your site depending on the competitiveness of the keywords which best suits your business.


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