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Data-driven digital marketing plan for your business

Finally, your company has a wonderful website showcasing all the details and services or products offered but the inherent question that bothers you is, how do you market yourself online?

It is time for you to consult a Small Business Digital Marketing Strategy Company who can help you with a strategic plan for your business to be marketed online to reach your prospects.

A Perfect Plan

Having a solid plan behind your marketing efforts makes a world of difference; ensuring that every channel, campaign and pound spent is working for your strategic business goals. Audience data is at the heart of our digital marketing strategy here at Aspensoft Technologies. We collect and analyse large volumes of data from different digital touchpoints to develop actionable insights and a data-driven marketing strategy. 

Whether we look after one of your marketing channels or all of them, as a full-service agency we can put together a robust digital marketing strategy to make sure your activities are as cohesive as possible, all adding up to great results.

One of the key parts of any marketing strategy is understanding the competitive space and your past performance. This is where our analytics team comes in, interrogating your own analytics and studying trend data to understand the peaks and troughs in demand for your products or services. We do this using both your own data, as well as industry-leading tools and sources to create the fullest possible picture.

Answering Key Questions

    • KPIs – Understand your KPI’s is the key to your success. What should you be tracking and measuring to evaluate digital performance and Return on Investment (ROI)?
    • Audience/Persona – Who are your target audiences and where do they hang-out on various digital platforms and understand their requirements.
    • Competitors – Who are your competitors and how can you use digital marketing to get ahead of the competition?
    • Channel mix – What is the best digital media channel mix to ensure an effective and cost-efficient result that aligns with business objectives and KPIs?
    • Content – What content should you develop to attract and engage with the right audience? How can you use audience data and insights to develop content and customer messaging?
    • Roadmap – How do you implement your digital marketing strategy for an ongoing success whether its for a short term or long term plan?

Later the Analytics & Insights

As a business that thrives on delivering results for our clients, data is at the core of everything we do. Our team consists of Google Analytics certified professionals in addition to having experience in a range of tools. This means we can track the impact of your new marketing strategy through the use of custom reporting supported by Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, giving you clear, accurate and transparent results. We evaluate our performance at every stage, making recommendations on how to build on successes throughout your campaign.

Contact our digital strategy team today using the form below to discuss your business goals, and how digital marketing can help you achieve them.